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Moderation »Add Additional Admins & Moderators

You can assign as many additional admins as you would like to help moderate your blog account.

1. Each additional admin will have to create an IntenseDebate account at

2. Once they’ve created an account, you can add their user account on as an additional admin at  The option is located at the bottom of the page.

3. Hit the “Save Settings” button and you’re all set.


  • Email notifications: unfortunately you cannot stipulate which admins and moderators receive email notifications for new comments and comments held in moderation. This is a blanket setting available in your Account Settings page11. We plan on offering this in the future.
  • Primary Admin: the primary admin is the user who originally created the blog account. This cannot be changed on your end, and must be done by us (something we plan to change in the future). If you require the primary admin to be changed on your account, first add the new user on as an admin, and then send us an email12 with the subject line “Primary Admin Swap” along with details and we will take care of it.
    • DO NOT delete the blog account or your user account when attempting to change the primary admin. This will not solve the issue, and will only lead to further issues.

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