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Adding a plugin to the directory

Once you’ve completed your plugin and thoroughly tested it you can submit your plugin for review to be added to the IntenseDebate plugin directory. This will make it a simple one-click install for all IntenseDebate users. To do this, simply go to the add plugin form, fill out all the appropriate fields, then submit. We’ll review your plugin and let you know when it’s been added to the plugin directory as soon as possible.

Updating an existing plugin↑ Table of Contents ↑

On occasion it will be necessary for you to update existing plugins. Maybe you want to add a new feature, fix a bug that has cropped up, or correct compatibility. In all cases, you can use the update plugin form to add a new version of the code your plugin uses to the directory. Just fill out the appropriate fields and submit the form. We’ll then review the new code and add it to the plugin directory. At this time, users of your plugin will be notified of the updated version, but must manually select to update to the latest version of your plugin. This is primarily to ensure we don’t change the code on our admins unexpectedly.

Also note that the directory entry is not editable from the update plugin form. If you need to modify the icon, name, or description of your plugin please contact us. We plan to provide a more convenient means for this in the future, but till then we recommend contacting us about any changes to your plugin directory entry.

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