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  • CSS Documentation

    This document briefly describes the most important elements styled in the IntenseDebate CSS files. Important: In order to style the […]

  • Customize Your CSS

    You can override the default styling of IntenseDebate by adding CSS classes in your Custom CSS Page. The classes IntenseDebate […]

  • Documentation Overview

    This collection of articles are aimed towards those that want to know about IntenseDebate‚Äôs inner workings, and possibly change it […]

  • Change font & font size

    This is a quick how-to on how to change the font of the IntenseDebate comment system. How to change the […]

  • Change text/background/link colors

    IntenseDebate is set up to automatically inherit all colors from your website, so if the default text color on your […]

  • Changing the Width

    The easiest way to change the width of the comment system is to add some CSS code to the Custom […]

  • Moving Comment Box to the Top

    How do I move the comment box to the top of the comment section? You can use some experimental CSS […]