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Installing on iWeb

There’s an excellent tutorial for adding IntenseDebate to iWeb at

Troubleshooting↑ Table of Contents ↑

A common issue is that sometimes a single post will have multiple URL’s that all have different comment sections containing different comments. We’ve also seen this occur for the same post with the same URL, but there are two different comment sections depending on what web browser you’re using (Safari / Firefox).

To correct this issue you’ll need to go back to step 8 in the tutorial, where you upload your JavaScript code to the “comments” folder to the root of your server. Remember, step 8 is where you actually inserted our JavaScript code into your comments template.

To correct this issue we recommend setting additional vars in the JavaScript code snippet (like the post_id) that you inserted into your comments template. That will ensure that the comments are tied to the correct post and are displayed properly. An example of the JavaScript is displayed below (for instructions on how to access your JavaScript at go to the bottom of this page):

var idcomments_acct = ‘YOUR ACCT ID’;
var idcomments_post_id;
var idcomments_post_url;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script&gt;

In that code there are several values that are set which will tie the comment section to your account along with the correct comments on for your posts. The first is the var idcomments_acct. This is your IntenseDebate blog account number, which we assign when you create your account. This is automatically included in the code.

The next two are the var idcomments_post_id and var idcomments_post_url. These values are determined by your CMS, and are to be entered in by you. The post_id is the unique identifier that is assigned by your CMS for each post. You would enter the post_id in the code snippet and that will ensure that the comments are tied to the particular post. You can also set the post_url value as well to further ensure that everything works properly.

Getting Your JavaScript↑ Table of Contents ↑

Once you’ve created an IntenseDebate blog account, you can access your JavaScript code snippets at any time.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Locate and select the “Sites” tab in the top menu bar
  3. Select your site from the list
  4. Go to the sidebar on the left side of the page and select “Reinstall” in the “Tools” section.

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