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Keeping up with your buddies on IntenseDebate is a piece of cake.  As an IntenseDebate or user, you can follow your fellow commenters and opt to receive a feed of their comment stream in your IntenseDebate dashboard.

How To Follow

Please note: you have to be logged in to your IntenseDebate or account in order to follow another IntenseDebate user.  You can follow a user’s comments two ways:

  1. Visit their profile and select the Follow button on the left.
  2. You can hover your mouse cursor over their profile picture in the comment section, and a menu will pop-up. Select the Follow button in the menu.

Your Followers↑ Table of Contents ↑

You can find out which users are following your comment stream at your Following Page. You will see two lists: who you are following, and who is following you.

Stop Following↑ Table of Contents ↑

You can stop following a user’s comments at any time. Visit your Following Page and select the Stop Following link to the right of their name.

Blocking Users↑ Table of Contents ↑

IntenseDebate has a public profile system, so comments you make are visible through your public profile. Currently we do not offer a way to hide your comments or block someone from following you. We are considering this for future development, so if you’re interested let us know.

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