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What is Reply By Email?

Some say that this is the feature of features. We have to agree.

Part of our goal to improve the comment conversation is to make it easier to get involved. Reply-By-Email helps minimize the number of steps between you and your debate. With IntenseDebate you can respond to and moderate your comments with ease via email, even if your on the go. Just because you’re away from your computer doesn’t mean the conversation stops.

IntenseDebate keeps you plugged in.

When you receive an email notification you can respond to the comment directly via email. If you are the blog admin then you can also moderate the comment via email. All you have to do is enter your response (or moderation command) and hit send. Make sure you leave the subject line and original message in tact. If you have a signature in your emails, please note that they will not be removed – we think that it’s part of the message. Either remove your signature or enter !END at the end of your response to ensure that it is removed.

If you receive an error email it is most likely because we do not recognize your email client. Don’t worry though. If you enter !END at the end of your message this will correct the issue. When you receive an error email, do not respond to the error email. Please respond to the original email using !END at the end of your response. If you receive an error email please forward your error email to IntenseDebate support and let us know which mail client you’re using so that we can correct the issue.

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