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Comment Settings

Now that you have installed IntenseDebate it’s time to deck your comments out with some options that are sure to breath some life into your comments.

Login Services

1. Facebook Connect: give your readers the option to comment using their Facebook account and share their comments with their friends. Check out our Facebook Connect documentation.

2. Twitter Sign-in: it’s a piece of cake to activate, just select the checkbox next to Twitter Sign-in and you’re all set to give your readers the option to use their Twitter accounts to comment. Check out our Twitter documentation.

3. OpenID: we’re aware of an issue with our OpenID integration and we’re working to correct it.

Commenting Options↑ Table of Contents ↑

Comment Reporting↑ Table of Contents ↑

This is a fantastic way to give your readers a way to help you keep the comment section in order. Check out our documentation on Comment Reporting for more information.

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