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One of your Comment Settings is the option to activate a “Report” button giving your readers the option to report offensive comments and help you keep the comment section clean. This option is located in your Comment Settings page.

Customize the Display

You can customize the pop-up message the a user will see when they select the Report button, and they will have the option to type in a few words on why their reporting the comment. You will receive an email notifying you that the comment has been reported and you will be able to proceed as you’d like, whether you choose to remove the comment or leave it as is.

Send to Moderation↑ Table of Contents ↑

We released a cool new setting for reported comments (comments that your readers flag as inappropriate). You can now opt to have the comments automatically put into moderation for review. This handy option can help you and your readers keep your comments clean and debates friendly.

To enable this option, visit your Comments Settings, and check the box next to Send comments to moderation when reported (located at the bottom of the page). Make sure you save your settings. This setting excludes comments posted by site admins and moderators, as well as comments that you have already approved.

Auto-Delete↑ Table of Contents ↑

You also have the option to set the maximum number of times a comment can reported before it’s automatically deleted. Don’t worry, we restrict the number of times that a single user can report a comment (by IP address), so you don’t have to worry about abuse of this feature.

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