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Troubleshooting Blogger »Comment Links Aren’t Working Properly

This section is designed to help you troubleshoot issues with the comment links that show up on the front page of your blog. Read on if you’re encountering issues where your comment links aren’t showing up as they should.

How They Work↑ Table of Contents ↑

There’s a whole lot of magic happening behind the scenes when you load the front page of a blog that uses ID. Basically we need to figure out what posts are being loaded and which comment sections correspond to each of those posts.

Once we figure that out, we need to take that information and transform it in a way that loads the correct comment links for each post. In the end that data is used to make a script URL to deliver it all.

When you take a bunch of those URL’s (used to identify posts), urlencode() them, and then tack them all together, there can be a decent amount of data. If you do that enough times on the same page, it might overload the limits on a valid URL, resulting in the script failing to load.

Solutions↑ Table of Contents ↑

First try reducing the number of blog posts and widgets that are displayed on your front page. That will reduce the amount of data that we’re looking up.

If that doesn’t correct the issue, please check your comment settings in your Blogger account by going to Settings > Comments > “Show Comments” and “Comments Default for posts: New Posts Do Not Have Comments”

Next, check the comment settings for your post. Go to the page where you edit your post and select “Post Options” > “Allow” comments.

Failing that, try reinstalling IntenseDebate. If you are currently using our Widget install method, please uninstall the widget and then use our Template install method to add ID to your template.

If that still doesn’t correct the issue, then there might be something else in your template or on your blog that is incompatible with IntenseDebate.

Read on for instructions on reinstalling…

Reinstall Using the Template Installation↑ Table of Contents ↑

If you are using the Blogger Widget install of IntenseDebate, please uninstall the Widget and reinstall using our Template installation. You can do this in your IntenseDebate with the following steps:

  1. You will first need to uninstall the Widget from your site. The following instructions are for the updated Blogger interface. If you are using the old Blogger interface, please switch over to the new interface temporarily. You can do that by selecting the “Try the updated Blogger interface” link at the top of your Blogger dashboard.
  2. Go to your Blogger account and find the blog that you have the IntenseDebate Widget installed on in your blogs list. Click the down arrow, then click Layout.

  3. Locate IntenseDebate in the sidebar and click the Edit link.

  4. Select Remove from the edit screen, then select the orange Save arrangement button at the top of the page.

  5. Next your will need to reinstall IntenseDebate using the Template installation method. To do that go to your Blog Tools tab in your IntenseDebate account. Select Reinstall and follow the installation instructions. You should be all set!
  6. If you want to switch back to the old Blogger interface, click on the little gear symbol on the right side of the page below your profile picture. Then select the option to switch to the “Old Blogger interface” and you’ll be all set.

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